CHAE LAW PLLC is an estate planning law firm dedicated to helping families, protect and preserve their family’s assets and legacy.

We are like the old fashioned family doctor who used to make house-calls to families and knew everything about the family.  Like the old fashioned family doctor, we know our clients’ deepest secrets, fears, dreams, and hopes.  We know the state of their health.  We will be there and rejoice at the birth of their grandchild and might help plan for the grandchild’s future and education.  We empathize with the painful loss of a family member’s death or the difficulty with a divorce.  We advise our clients as they deal with the most basic of life’s issues – birth, death and the perpetuation of family values and their legacy.  We are their confidants and counselors, their family lawyer for life.

The team of committed professionals at CHAE LAW PLLC all share a common goal and passion for helping families with children throughout a person’s lifetime.  We help families protect the children, supporting the educational special needs of the next generation.  We help families secure and protect their hard work and hard-earned assets and we assist the entire family when a loved one passes as well as ensuring one’s legacy is passed on and preserved.

Life-long planning is the best way to preserve your legacy.  We work with our clients to help them control and protect their assets while alive and healthy.  We help clients plan for their loved ones if they become disabled.  We manage and plan for our client’s to be able to give their assets and property to whom they want, the time, and manner in how it is distributed.

Your financial situation is one piece but a very important piece of the puzzle that will form the picture of your estate plan.   We will work closely with allied professionals in the financial planning area such as certified financial planners (CFP’s), insurance agents, and certified public accountants (CPA’s).  Every family needs a “dream team” to help protect their assets, goals and wealth for each generation.

Building wealth and protecting wealth is important for your loved ones and yourself.  But estate planning is not just for the “wealthy”.  “Wealth” can be defined in your family, your children and your values.   It is all about you the client, your family, life and legacy and how you want to preserve and pass on your legacy and values to the family and the next generation.

CHAE LAW PLLC is here to help and protect you and your family by interpreting and advising you on the law to your greatest advantage.  Our help comes in a number of other ways from our free educational seminars to our free informational newsletters on how to protect your hard-earned savings, navigate Medicaid and VA benefits, and avoid or administer probate.   Please explore our website and schedule to attend one of our free seminars or contact us for a free consultation.