When my daughter was born, the trajectory of my whole life changed and my priorities changed, as I’m sure it does with any parent.  My thoughts turned to what can I do to protect her and raise her well and the “what if’s” of what will happen to my daughter and my family began to weigh heavily on my mind.  What will happen to my daughter if I became incapacitated or if I passed away suddenly?

With all the uncertainties and curve balls that life throws at us, we work hard and navigate both the calm and stormy weather of life.  Marriages, births, divorces, new businesses, bankruptcies, accidents, and  illnesses are some examples of life’s big moments, and we can go on with all the unknowns that could occur in our lifetime and in the lifetime of your family members.

As I transitioned my practice to estate planning, I also realized that estate planning is more than just about death and taxes.  Estate planning is also about planning for those who are living, including yourself.  It is about preserving values and traditions that are important to you.  It is also about planning for all of life’s unexpected turns. Moreover, it is about your legacy. As the adage goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.  And in the context of estate planning, the consequences can be devastating for your family if you don’t plan carefully.  But it doesn’t have to be that way

I can help you can take some semblance of control over the chaos of life by helping you plan. You may have worked hard throughout your lifetime and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor and to have your wishes for your estate honored.

I place a high priority on getting to know you and understanding your needs and goals.  I want to help eliminate the uncertainty about the future and give you and your family the security and peace of mind you all deserve.


Henry King Chae is an accomplished experienced attorney who has been practicing law for the past 14 years.